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Embodiment practice during a women's gathering

8 reasons why women should gather in conscious circles

Mar 04, 2024

Although it feels like a trend, women’s gatherings are an ancient, sacred practice inherited from our ancestors. They might look different today, but their benefits remain the same and they are numerous! 

From rituals to embodiment practices, the sisterhood experience will take you to new unexplored inner territories.

1 — Make time for themselves

Whether it is a one-time event or a committed series, joining a women’s gathering is an act of self-love. Whenever you make time for yourself, you are choosing yourself. You are supporting your physical, emotional and mental health. You are prioritizing your well-being. You are investing in your personal growth. And regardless of what patriarchy has taught us, there is no space for guilt in choosing you.

By doing so in community, you give yourself a chance to connect with like-minded women, to experiment different practices, and to explore new facets of your being.

As you have most likely subscribed in advance and it is already marked in your agenda, there is no way out of it. This is a commitment to yourself. Neither work nor family or even tiredness will get in the way.

And as you receive all the benefits of this experience; as you walk out of the circle feeling lighter, clearer and less alone in your experience, you will want to return to that state of fullness. And before you notice, you will be creating space for yourself in your daily life.

2 — Experience sisterhood

The circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we’re weak and sing with us when we are strong.” In her colorful book Succulent Wild Woman, the multifaceted artist Sark highlights the importance of community.

Succulents store their own water and share the extra with their fellow plants. They teach us that to support others, you need to show up for yourself first. And this is exactly what happens in a circle. You create space for yourself and for others to heal. You hold another by choosing to create space to hold yourself. Sisterhood offers you a sense of belonging. A chosen family where you can seek support whenever you need it. And as you receive, you will naturally want to give and you will find yourself becoming a fierce champion for your soul sisters.

This is the beauty of women’s gathering, an infinite waterfall of abundance, empowerment and support in which every raindrop has its part to play and yet, the magic is in the wholeness of it all.

3 — Return to safety in women’s gathering

Creating spaces for women to have the possibility to find safety in their body is one of the main missions of Raindrop Movement. Unprocessed trauma can lead to a lack of safety that lives in the body, often unconsciously. Different people experience different reactions such as hypervigilance, hypersensitivity, addictions, PTSD, and other psychosomatic disorders.

As Dr. Gabor Maté said, "safety is not the absence of threat, it is the presence of connection." Although we cannot take the potential danger out of this world, we can choose how to look at it. We can practice returning to safety over and over again by reconnecting to ourselves and each other..

This is why women’s gatherings are made for; to create mindful connections and offer a safe place for attendees to slow down and re-connect.

Whether you decide to join a circle in person or from the comfort of your home, you will feel the physical and emotional support of the space. You will soon realize that safety is not inherent to a certain place or certain people, but that you have it inside of you.

4 — Rise into their feminine energy

We live in a masculine world in which it can be challenging to embrace our feminine energy. The very concept of this duality can be confusing.

We have been told our brain knew better than our heart. We have been taught our body was nothing more than a flesh envelope. We have believed in strength over softness. In science over wisdom. In power over love. We have been trained to do, and therefore we have forgotten how to be. 

When women come together, they revive the feminine essence not only in themselves, but in this wounded world. They open the door to a more embodied experience of this human life. 

As they reconnect with their divine feminine, they awaken their inner magic. As they reattach their emotional, spiritual, and energetical bodies to their physical one, they step into their full power. They become soulful leaders and usher in a wind of change.

5 — Get a new sense of self-worth

We’re communal animals” says Gloria Steinem, American Journalist and Social Activist. “If we’re by ourselves, we can feel wrong and crazy and out of step with society. We really need those talking circles.”

Does that feel familiar? You don’t have to go through this alone. You don’t have to try to fit in all the time. You have to find where you belong.

You cannot hide in a circle. You are here to be seen and witnessed for who you are. Don’t be afraid to show your true colors; they are so bright. Allow yourself to be vulnerable; there is strength in that too.

As you connect with like-minded people, this wild world will start to feel a little less lonely. You will realize that your feelings are valid. That your story can resonate with others. That your thoughts have an echo. That your vision is not isolated.

And through all of this, you will come to see the worth of your being. You have so much to offer to this world. You are the gift.

6 — Practice rituals

Rituals of different nature have long shaped human history. From harvest celebrations to sacred offerings, they have taken different forms through times and cultures. Each of them was an invitation to come back to the present moment, send out prayers, express gratitude, and honor whatever higher force was believed in.

Circles are an invitation to experience the power of rituals and reintroduce them into our lives. They give us the opportunity to disconnect to reconnect. They allow us to take a break from the fast-paced life and find shelter in a mindful practice. To engage in a ritual is to invite the energy of devotion and that is the most powerful energy for deep transformation.

And as you step out of the circle, know that you can experience the power of ritual anyplace and any time. Let it be a part of your daily life. Keep the elements that spoke to you the most, the ones that touched your soul, and let them unfold. 

And as you commit to this practice, and you make it a sacred habit, observe your life transforming already.

7 — Return to equality

In their article Why circle is the core group process for emerging participatory leadership, Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea, authors of The Circle Way, introduce their concept of PeerSpirit.

According to them, peer and spirit should be the keywords of any circle. 

There is no hierarchy in such a format. People are not divided according to their position or status. Leaders are not facing participants; they are sitting among them. They are all equal and each hold the same importance; when one person steps out, it is no longer a circle.

This special setting grants each person a sense of accountability and leadership.

Spirit is the intention that brings each person to the circle. Their inner fire. Their personal wisdom. This is what creates magic: the combination of all the very unique gifts brought into this sacred space.

As intimidating as it can be, circles are a beautiful opportunity to open up and speak up. In this non-judgmental space, everyone is free to express their opinion and feelings while being held by the rest of the group.

8 — Explore their body shamelessly

When women gather among themselves, they tend to feel safer and more confident. As a result, they are more likely to explore the wonders of their body without fear or shame.

Different kinds of embodiment practices can be offered in a circle. Among them: conscious movement, voice activation, reiki, and other healing and spiritual modalities. All of them can leave people feeling exposed and vulnerable. If no safety layer has been created, it might be triggering to fully engage in the exercise.

But when women come together, they rest in the safety of each other’s presence. They empower each other. They inspire each other. They welcome and acknowledge all emotions. They value joy as much as pain. They see beauty in tears. And together, they free each other.

Only then, they can move instinctively. They can let the playfulness in. They can sing from their womb. They can unlock their superpowers, knowing that anything that comes up will be received with nothing but respect and love.


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