Foundation of Feminine Embodiment Certification with Nada Mesqui

You are a female coach or holistic practitioner wanting to bring more feminine body wisdom in your life and work? Discover our new and enriched 12-week online certification!


Join an ICF-certified program

Join an experiential, hands-on, ICF-certified program! This certification has been designed for female coaches and holistic practitioners who want to lead in a more embodied way.

Here is what you can expect:

  • A 12-week journey into deep understanding and practice of embodiment
  • A structured framework and online curriculum that will help you digest & reintegrate your learning while in the program
  • Embodied practices and tools you can instantly use with your own clients 30 CCE credits toward your ICF accreditation
  • A community of women that will uplift and inspire you

Meet your facilitator Nada Mesqui

I am Nada Mesqui, CPCC, PCC, and Founder of Raindrop Movement.

We live in a world where most of our suffering is caused by a complete disconnection from the wisdom of our bodies. Driven mainly by our thinking mind, we have lost touch with the resource that connects us to our innate inner knowing. When we reestablish it, we find balance and ease, even when everything around us is chaos.

Specifically, for those of us who identify as female, our power source lives in our pelvis, deep in our lower body. Living from the neck up keeps us deeply disconnected from our life force and intuitive energy. This is why we are now witnessing staggering collective burnout and chronic exhaustion among women. That was me 10 years ago.

After “successfully” balancing 2 small kids, a career, entrepreneurship, marriage, and other hats, I realized I was completely burned out.

I was unable to make a clear decision. I was drowning in constant self-doubt. I was completely disconnected from desire, aliveness, and pleasure in my body and in my life.

And so, my healing journey began. I learned about the importance of our nervous system, epigenetics, and somatic trauma therapy.

While this was all incredibly helpful, I found it very challenging to implement what I was learning in my coaching sessions. I knew what worked for me would probably work for my clients too. I was trying to bridge the mind/heart space with the somatic & embodiment practices I experienced in my personal healing journey.

This is WHY I created this program. To give you the bridge you need to be able to gently help yourself and your clients transition from the mind space into a whole-body space.

This program will take you back to your inner source of wholeness.

This program will help you re-engage with the world, and your clients, in a more resonant, impactful way.

This program will take you to the place of easy decision-making and full-bodied healing.


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Experience a hands-on approach

I found that most embodiment programs offer either lots of theory and tools that seem challenging to integrate in your existing practice, or just pure movement without much context. Our Foundation of Feminine Embodiment Certification offers a carefully selected combination of both.

You will not only understand what embodiment is, but you will also have a felt experience of iit. As a result, you will feel confident to provide the same for your clients.

As a certified coach myself, I have spent years adjusting, trying, and perfecting various embodiment tools. I was on a quest to find those that actually worked for me and my clients.

I will be sharing all of them with you in this program!


Welcome more of your body wisdom

This program has been created with a very specific purpose in mind. You belong with us if:

  • You are a coach, therapist or a holistic practitioner.
  • You know you are here to bring more healing into this world.
  • You know you are here to be of service.
  • You want to tap into the wisdom of your feminine, feeling, sensing, intuitive body.
  • You are a woman exhausted by living from a place of masculine energy.

Maybe you’ve already had some therapy, coaching, embodiment, or energy healing. Maybe that path of self-development has led you towards helping others on that journey.

Perhaps you have already processed a lot of your patterns and conditioning intellectually or even emotionally. Yet, you feel there is more. More to feel, more to release, more to unpack and open.

And you are right!

All patterns have mental, emotional, and somatic components. Therefore, to grow out of those patterns and to really heal them, we need to work with all the layers of our body: mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical.

This program shows you how to deepen the amazing work you are already doing. It offers you a way to understand, feel and embody more of yourself. A way that is entirely yours and no one else’s.


Feel the support of powerful coaching tools

This program is a combination of self-paced practices and live teachings. Once you’ve joined us, you will receive:

  • 12 weekly 90-minute guided embodiment practices & teachings
  • Live weekly 30 minute Q&A’s & built-in peer practice sessions
  • Structured online curriculum
  • Guided workbook
  • Supported video content
  • Self-practice tools you can adapt and use in your own coaching/ healing practice
  • Supportive and inspiring community that will learn and practice with you
  • 30 CCE toward your ICF accreditation

Become your most embodied self

Together we will go over the core principles of understanding and living from your Embodied Self. The certification covers:

  1. Language of the Body
  2. Principles of Embodiment (as taught in Raindrop Movement)
  3. Nervous system regulation
  4. Safety (interoception and proprioception)
  5. Internal Listening
  6. Movement as a doorway to surrendering
  7. Embodied Shapes
  8. Masculine & Feminine Energetics
  9. Integration

Practical information 

Foundation of Feminine Embodiment is the only ICF-certified program of its kind. It has been specifically created for coaches, holistic practitioners and leaders who are looking to incorporate more body wisdom in their life and work.

Total investment: 2,900 euro (scholarships and payment plans available)

Our next cohort begins on October 15th 2024.

Enrolments have already started.

We will have live calls every Tuesday at 9 am EST/ 3 pm CEST

Develop your own embodiment practice

This program will be a good fit for you if any of the following are true:

  • You are curious about embodiment and want to use it in your own coaching/healing practice
  • You want to be in true partnership with your body
  • You are longing to embrace your feminine energy & reconnect to your essence
  • You are ready to live in a state of natural ease and flow
  • You yearn to feel empowered and free in your body and in your life
  • You enjoy movement and want to take its benefits deeper
  • You are looking for super hands-on support and guidance in the process
  • You are willing to dedicate 3 hours per week to embodiment (2 hours weekly sessions + 1 hour of self work/practice in the week)

Our graduates say it better 

Jennifer Tomé

Nada, I cannot thank you enough for this program!  For myself, I have felt so disconnected for so long.  And there would be certain things I would try and do and I would get little bits of connection but they would never last!  But now, I have really solid, tangible tools that I can use daily.  And all this happened in just 8 short weeks.  I have so much awareness now.  For example, I can feel myself being disconnected or really "low" on the ladder right away and I just think to myself, ok which tool do  need right now.  And now, I also have so much understanding about why I might not feel safe, so again, I can pull out a tool from my toolkit! I can't believe how fast the program went by, to be honest, and it's left me feeling satisfied and also wanting more! 

Maite Raynal

It is very hard to describe embodiment because you have to live it and feel it to truly understand what it is. However, this training was an eye-opener for me on how I could change my relationship with my body, therefore myself and my experience with life. Nada was an amazing host and facilitator all through the process. I could not recommend enough this training and work with Nada if you are like me, a newbie in embodiment. She knows how to explain very complicated concepts with simple words and everything makes sense like you always knew about it.

Her love and her dedication to embodiment make you want for more, at least I know it did for me. I can tell for sure that my journey in embodiment just started and I am glad I started with this particular training

Souyenne Hackshaw

This program has allowed for greater self-awareness and self-connection. It is through our own work we are able to better aid our clients. This Embodiment certification allows you to gently meet yourself, body, and mind, to explore and learn from both with the goal of integrating what you have learned. This new knowledge allows for the shift within. This course has given great insight into many parts of self and created a holistic foundation with which to approach clients. 

Rasha Al Shaar

“It has been so magical. I love the way the content is theoretical but also so practical. The fact that several practices/drills are shared with scripts is such a highlight. The information is being delivered in a digestible and practical way. The material is so friendly that it helps me feel safe in holding safety for clients in this work too.

I see this certification being just what I needed to carry the embodiment I so desperately have been craving in my practice as a coach. I have already experienced its most powerful impact yesterday in a session with a client struggling with the news and everything happening. That session wouldn’t have been the same without your teachings”


Klarrisa Frank

I've felt a major shift in how I move through my emotions from taking this course. I'm noticing the emotion quicker, letting it move through me without judgement, and I feel that I can release things more easily.

I can already see how FFEC will deepen my coaching practice and where I can take my clients. I think it will take some practice to weave in some of the exercises that we use, but even just starting with the knowledge is helping me approach my coaching differently and with a strengthened ability to move my clients safely into the wisdom of their bodies.I would HIGHLY recommend this program to other coaches!

Angelique Van Eeuwen-Bos

This program has been incredibly valuable for me. It's a wonderful complement to other more theoretical programs, making it feel more manageable and allowing for a deeper integration into both my personal life and coaching practice. While other embodiment programs did provide practices, they felt like too many, too superficial, and overwhelming.

With all that is happening around us, I am incredibly grateful that I now have specific techniques to release and manage big emotions more effectively than I would have in the past. While I used to turn to meditation and grounding in silence, I now view movement as a form of healing for my body, akin to the soothing effect of music that raises the volume of my emotional release.

Nada’s method of breaking things down into manageable, bite-sized pieces is something I highly value, especially in an era where it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the richness of approaches like somatic embodied coaching.

I wholeheartedly recommend this program to any other coaches looking for a more practical approach to embodiment.”


Migena Gjerazi

“I love this certification programme. It has given me not simply tools to use with my clients but also a deeper connection with my body and a deeper understanding of how I work as a human and what I need to be at my best. This programme goes beyond embodiment - it is a stepping stone to a higher realm of wisdom, of connection, of being, of surrender and trust through the wisdom of our bodies. I would highly recommend this to any coach and therapist wanting to elevate themselves and their business to a new level!”

However, this program won’t be a good fit if you:

  • Have no experience in personal development or healing of any kind
  • Are not willing to get uncomfortable and vulnerable in a group setting
  • Desire transformation but are not willing to create space in your calendar for it


Here’s what I bring to this feminine embodiment coaching certification


I have spent the last decade coaching personal development, leadership, and embodiment to hundreds of women. This is what inspired me to create my own healing practice.

With the Raindrop Movement method, we learn to love and appreciate being in our all-knowing bodies again.

I am on a mission to help millions of women reclaiming their feminine energy through intuitive movement.


This program is a balanced mix of theoretical teachings and practical movement. This structure gives you an immediate felt experience of your learnings.

The online setting allows you to feel safe while being witnessed and mirrored by the collective feminine wisdom of the group.


My work integrates tools from the Co-Active coaching and leadership model, positive psychology, Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy, Internal Family Systems theory, Somatic Experiencing, Nonlinear movement, Wild Woman’s Way practices, teachings of Nia, 5rhythms, and many ancient spiritual practices.

I bring multiple degrees and certifications, years of study, empirical research, and deep devotion to this work.

Book an orientation call

Most importantly, I am YOU. I know how challenging it is to be a business owner, a partner, and a mother while holding loving and expansive spaces for our clients.

Doing “all the things” requires us to animate our go/thinking/masculine side. The part of us that kicks ass first and takes names later…

And I know that it is not sustainable.

To wear all those hats without losing our mind, we need to rely on our body and be in constant communication with it.

If you can see that and are ready to act on it, let me help you.

Apply here for a no-strings discovery call. Enroll only when you’re a 100% sure that this program is exactly what you need.


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