Wild Woman’s Altar


8 monthly, new moon gatherings for women who are looking for sacred sisterhood, ancient wisdom and feminine embodiment practice.
A space for you to be and receive your embodied wisdom.
Every first Friday of each month we sit at the Altar of Grandmother Moon, Mother Earth and we discover the daughter, mother, sister, healer, Wild Woman that we are.
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Note from your guide...

Hello Sacred Woman,

My name is Nada and I am here to help raise our collective feminine power.

We do not need to look too deeply into the state of our world to notice that we are living in very toxic, masculine times. Times where we practise taking more than we practise giving. Times where we are harming ourselves, each other and our planet with our unconscious wounding. Times of lack, self-imposed limitations and profound loneliness.  

I created Wild Woman’s Altar as an antidote to what surrounds us.  

I have been a student of the Wild Woman’s Wisdom for years. And over and over again, I have witnessed how the ritual and practices of this powerful archetype have the power to break us open.

It is as if, when invited, the Spirit of Wild Woman crawls underneath our conditioning, ego masks and limited beliefs and shatters those layers of embodied constriction with the softness of the feminine and fierceness of the wild.

It is that specific alchemy of soft & strong that makes this archetype urgently needed for our Feminine Power to rise.

After leading over dozens of Wild Woman Circles, I realised that what is needed for us to sustain and embody the teaching of our Wild Woman is Devotion. And Altars are spaces for the practice of devotion.

To sprinkle our gatherings with even more feminine magic, we will invite the magnetic power of the Moon, sacred rituals and ancient shamanic wisdom.

Choosing to be a part of this space is a choice of deep, embodied reverence for your Feminine.

You can choose to join us just for a month or for the full cycle of this program, whatever feels more aligned in this moment of your journey.

I promise to show up to each gathering with the same presence, honesty and deep commitment to your wilderness.

What will you receive?


8 live on-line gatherings where you will experience the power of ritual, embodiment practice, energy healing and sisterhood support. You will also get access to the recording of each gathering so that you can return to it when needed.


Find and connect with your aligned soul family in our conversation threads hosted on our private Membership platform.


All members of the Altar will get access to our on-demand program “10 Days to Embodied Self” as a way of accompanying your embodiment journey in between our sacred gatherings.


After each gathering you will receive an invitation to deepen the work on a specific monthly theme, including journal prompts, intention setting rituals, resources, and custom-made playlists for you to continue your practice with.

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Every Altar has a specific purpose. Our purpose is to bow to the Sacred Wild Woman in You!

Wild Woman’s Altar is a safe & intimate space of feminine wisdom for you to explore with other diverse women who are deepening together in their journey of embodying both their softness and their strength.

We will do so through the 8 monthly gatherings that will celebrate the 4 pillars of the Wild Woman:



Reverence for Self

May 3rd, 5-7 pm CEST

Our first gathering will be devoted to creating a sacred space for YOU and US. We will then identify all the different archetypes that live in you and you will choose which parts to release and which to embody more.

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Reverence for Self

June 7th, 5-7 pm CEST

Coming into Wholeness. In this call we will continue working with those parts that you wish to hold closer to yourself. With a powerful ritual of Soul Part Retrieval, we will allow the energy of your desired part to be welcomed by your every cell.

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Reverence for Nature

July 5th, 5-7 pm CEST

Meeting the Spirits of the Elements. Wild Woman is profoundly connected to nature and her sacred elements as she knows she is nature embodied. In this call, you will be guided to meet the Spirits of Earth, Water, Fire and Air and ask their guidance as you journey through this wild and precious life.

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Reverence for Nature

August 2nd, 5-7 pm CEST

Healing the elements within. From the Ayurvedic point of view, health is about maintaining a balance between all the different qualities in nature within our body. These qualities are divided into three Doshas (categories) called Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which represent the qualities of air and space, of fire and water, and of earth and water. Everyone’s body is composed of a certain percentage of each of these Doshas. In this call, you will receive an energy healing that will rebalance your Dosha’s.

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Reverence for Ancestors

September 6th, 5-7 pm CEST

Making peace with the past. One of the most important steps in our healing journey is becoming aware of our ancestral wounding & blessings. With that awareness, we stop being the product of our past and become a creator of our present & future. In this call we will connect to our Feminine lineage and allow the healing to unfold.

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Reverence for Ancestors

October 11th, 5-7 pm CEST

Healing the Masculine lineage. We will meet our masculine ancestors and receive their wisdom and guidance for the transgenerational healing that needs to take place.

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Reverence for Spirit

November 29th, 5-7 pm CEST

Sitting at the seat of your Soul. Your relationship with your Soul & with Spirit is just like any other relationship; it requires time and attention. In this call, we will invite your Soul to come forth and share its essence with you.

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Reverence for All

December 27th, 5-7 pm CEST

Integration. In this call we will embrace your most expansive self and allow her to take the wheel of life moving forward. We will invite our Spirit Guides, our Ancestors and the Elements and receive their medicine through the power of our embodied integration.

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All calls will be recorded in case life happens and you cannot be present live.

This is for you if you are:

  • Longing to create time for your feminine being
  • Feeling pulled to live in harmony with your moon cycle
  • Desiring to feel more connected to nature and her elements
  • Wanting a space where you can let go & surrender to your wildest, freest self
  • Craving to find your Soul Sisters
  • Ready to embrace your responsibility in transgenerational healing
  • Eager to be in conscious co-creation with the Spirit
  • Excited to have a space for monthly devotion & ritual


This is not for you if:

You do not see vulnerability as a strength

You do not want to share your experience with others

You have not attended any kind of personal development program before

Because I want you to always feel at Choice, there are 2 roads for you to choose from

For 8 months

888 Euros

  • 8x 120 minute Monthly New Moon Gathering with Nada
  • Access to all recorded calls
  • Access to 10 Days to Embodied Self program
  • Monthly Guide with a monthly theme to support your evolution
  • Journal prompts, integration exercises, and more relevant resources
  • Discussion threads for community connection
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MONTHLY ALTAR *limited spaces available to join a monthly topic of your choosing

149 Euros

  • 1x 120 minute Monthly New Moon Gathering with Nada
  • Monthly Guide with a monthly theme to support your evolution
  • Journal prompts, integration exercises, and more relevant resources
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I cannot wait for us to ripple out the healing power of the Sacred Wild Woman. If you have been longing to find your circle of conscious women devoted to raising our individual & collective Feminine, here it is!


Your Soul is ready:)
With fierce love,

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