Monthly Embodiment Practice With Nada Mesqui

A 60-minute session of somatic healing, feminine embodiment, and free movement to help you reconnect to your mind, body, and soul.

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A free, monthly, feminine embodiment practice 

Every first Wednesday of the month, I offer a free, online practice.

During this 60-minute virtual session we use grounding techniques, free movement, and dance to help you reconnect with your body. This is your opportunity to turn off your restless mind. Slow down, find clarity, and listen to your intuition.

You don’t need experience or professional moves to join the class. There is no choreography, the movement is completely free. We are not seeking performance or beauty; we are simply getting to know our body.

Many people that participate have never tried our method before. And some of them never miss a session afterwards! Month after month, we are building a small, mindful community, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

You will be in a safe space with good company and a professional facilitator. If you’re still nervous, bring a friend!

After just one session you will release physical, mental, and emotional tension in your body. After just one session you will have more energy and a renewed sense of inner peace, joy, and pleasure.

If you have been looking for natural ways to reduce anxiety. If you are ready to invite more freedom, calm, and flow into your life. Register now! Your nervous system will thank you later.

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About your facilitator Nada Mesqui

Hi, my name is Nada and I am the Founder of Raindrop Movement ™.

I created this method for many reasons, but the main one is FREEDOM.

I saw the desperate need to create a space where people could feel FREE in their feminine expression.

Free to be fully seated in the center of their Sacred Feminine.

Because let’s be honest, where else can we do that in today’s world?

“… But Nada, what does being seated in my Sacred Feminine even mean?”

Being seated in your Sacred Feminine is a state of consciousness. A state of knowing that nothing needs to be changed. A state of no striving. A state of no fixing.

This might seem like a dream to you and yet, I guarantee this is possible. I know it because I have lived it over and over this past decade. I have witnessed hundreds of beautiful souls experience it with me during my workshops.

“… But Nada, how does it feel?”

It feels magical.

When we have felt a sensation of being connected to our feminine essence, we feel at ease, fluid, and alive. We can literally feel the life force energy passing through our body. We get a felt sense that everything we see on the outside is a direct reflection of our inside.

Because that is the capital “T” Truth.

Your health, your relationships, your finances... Everything is living as energy inside of you. As an embodied imprint in your body.

And no matter how many courses, certifications, or books you read; you cannot change your embodied experience without working with your body.

You are Soul embodied.

This is why I will never stop offering these monthly sessions! They are here as an invitation for YOU to drop into your feminine essence and feel fully alive & connected in it.

My hope is that everyone who joins these free sessions feels the healing power of the Raindrop Movement ™ arc. Allow yourself to be touched by the beauty of your Sacred, Feminine self.


Reviews from our first-time participants

The Raindrop Movement arc

Each Raindrop Movement session is different while following the same arc.

I guide you every step of the way. Every word is an invitation, and you are free to take it or leave it. We travel together through each of these states:

  • We set the intention for our practice
  • We begin on the ground with gentle somatic and mindfulness practices to calm our nervous system and relax our body
  • We connect our intention with free, conscious movement
  • We surrender to whatever body wisdom wants to emerge
  • We share, laugh and rejoice in the afterglow of this practice

We move, we release, we rejoice together!

If you have been longing to reconnect with your body and find your way back to your feminine, look no more. We have been waiting for you too.

Once a month, people from all walks and cycles of life come together in a sacred container of a Zoom room. A free space where you can allow yourself to feel intimate with your own body.

We gather to move, release, rejoice, share, and heal together.

Sign up for our next session below and see you on the mat!

June 5th, 2024 11 AM EST

July 3rd, 2024 11 AM EST

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