Become a Raindrop Movement Teacher

Are you a female holistic practitioner wanting to spread more healing using conscious movement?

This 6-month, live, online teacher training program is for you!



What is Raindrop Movement?

When we look at nature, we can see that each raindrop has a different shape and moves at a different speed. Yet each has a specific purpose of meeting a piece of soil, plant or animal and giving it life. We are the same.

A billion raindrops together can move mountains and oceans and create a shift so significant that it literally shapes the Earth. We can do the same.

Raindrop Movement carries the message about our healing and awakening as a collective. It invites us to see this process, not as one big tsunami event (although those are sometimes needed) but more as a series of subtle, gentle drops that we nourish ourselves with daily… Overtime, they create a true rain of transformation.

Practically speaking, Raindrop Movement™ is a combination of somatic practices, mindfulness techniques and intuitive movement, all in service of opening our senses and allowing the Voice of our Soul to emerge.

I have been a devoted steward of the Raindrop Movement since 2020 and it is now time to share this beautiful, healing practice with others who see conscious movement as a doorway to our awakening.

Raindrop Movement Teacher Training is intended to be a powerful catalyst on your own journey of embodied awakening so that you can hold space for others to remember, feel and embody the internal felt sense of truth, flow, and freedom that lives in each of us.

This program is for you if:

  • You recognize the infinite wisdom of your body and want to guide others into recognizing their own
  • You have always enjoyed dance and movement and want to deepen its benefits
  • You light up by the idea of creating healing movement experiences for your own clients
  • You want to learn how to incorporate conscious movement into your existing work or profession
  • You are ready the embrace the fullness of your expression and get goosebumps imagining creating spaces for others to do the same
  • You are not afraid to look at all facets of your experience for the sake of your individual and our collective healing
  • You already are a teacher of other modalities and wish to expand your horizon
  • You are open and willing to become a channel for divine transmissions that Raindrop Movement offers
Yes, this is totally me!

“Your capacity to tune into fuller states of consciousness is directly related to your capacity to tune into your own body. Raindrop Movement Teacher Training offers a beautiful arc & structure that will get you there”

Nada Mesqui, founder of Raindrop Movement


Raindrop Movement Teacher Training at a Glance

(new cohort starting 1.11.2024)

This is a 66 hour live, online training distributed in

6 monthly modules and 6 Raindrop Movement sessions.

Module 1

(November 1st & 2nd from 3-8 pm CEST)




Learning about the foundational principles of Raindrop Movement and the leadership skills required to facilitate a powerful session. Discover the science behind healing through movement.

Module 2

(December 6th & 7th from 3-8 pm CEST)


Teaching you the transformative power of stillness and how to navigate it with safety. Experiencing different practices that allow your class to slow down and transition from their mind into their body.

Module 3

(January 10th & 11th from 3-8 pm CEST)




Mastering the skill of deep, internal listening. Presenting you all the different ways that we can guide others towards it.

Module 4

(February 14th & 15th from 3-8 pm CEST)


Transcending into surrender. Giving you ways to guide your participants into a fuller state of consciousness that becomes available through surrendering.

Module 5

(March 14th & 15th from 3-8 pm CEST)


Parts work. Exploring how we can use Raindrop Movement to embody different parts, archetypes, flavors, and energies.

Module 6

(April 11th & 12th from 3-8 pm CEST)


Integration. Bringing it all together with the organizational aspect of leading a movement session: playlist curation, prompting leadership skills, holding a container with integrity, technical skills to teach online & in person.


On the way to your graduation

Apart from the 6 live-teachings and online modules, program participants are required to attend 6 free, community live, online practices.

Criteria for Graduation:

  • Leading a 30-minute practice with your program cohort
  • Sending a video recording of you leading a full 60-minute practice (online or in person)
  • Total investment: 3,333 euros


A unique conscious movement online teacher training

  • You will receive a deep connection to movement as a doorway to fuller consciousness & self-healing
  • You will learn how to integrate the power of embodied movement in all areas of your life & practice.
  • You will have full mastery in creating a complete Raindrop Movement arc in a movement session.
  • You will understand how to create playlists and select music that elevates your movement experience.
  • You will know how to hold sacred spaces for people to move and be moved. 

An invitation to deepen your personal practice

There are many other gifts of being a Raindrop Movement Teacher. Here is a top few:

Community: Slowly but surely, Raindrop Movement is gathering a beautiful community of women who are tired of wearing protective armors and long to feel free in their bodies. Women that are devoted to uplifting themselves and each other. Women that are here to create a New World.

Well-being: I have learned very quickly that the easiest way for me to have a devoted practice is to teach it. The accountability & responsibility of leading a class brings more consistency & dedication to your personal practice, leading to an increased level of awareness, energy, and overall well-being.

Personal Leadership: Every Raindrop Movement class follows the same arc, yet each class is different since it is always based around a specific theme and music chosen by the teacher. This becomes a beautiful avenue for you to explore your creative potential and lead from a place of truth and your own embodied, lived experience.

Additional Income: Once you become a Certified Raindrop Movement Teacher, you will take home 100% of the cost paid by attendees of your classes.

Spiritual Growth: Everything I am teaching in this program has been received through this practice. Raindrop Movement offers you an opportunity to become a vessel for the celestial guides of this sacred practice to speak through you, move through you and heal through you. No other practice has deepened my relationship with Source in a similar way.

Last, but not least, I know that this training is a mutual commitment and investment. As it needs to be. On your end, the total investment of your energy, time, and money.

On my end, offering this program is deeply personal as sharing the healing power of Raindrop Movement feels like sharing a part of my Soul with you. My deepest desire is for you to feel fully held, supported, and guided on this journey of becoming a powerful facilitator of conscious movement. I trust that if you made it this far down the page, you have been called by the deva of Raindrop Movement herself. Let her guide you further and book a call with me.


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