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Spring Equinox Rituals for the Feminine

Spring Equinox Rituals for the Feminine

Feb 06, 2024

The Spring Equinox is fast approaching. On this year of 2024, it will be observed on March 20th.

Since the dawn of time, people have been gathering worldwide to celebrate this seasonal transition. A collective rite of passage that carries beautiful spiritual wisdom and symbolism.

Every shift is an opportunity for bringing more growth into your life. How will you choose to cross this doorway?

Ancient civilizations have been paving the way for us.

Discover powerful Spring Equinox rituals to awaken your feminine energy.

Also, we have an important announcement waiting for you at the end of this article!

Spring equinox spiritual meaning

What is the Spring Equinox?

Also called Vernal Equinox, this celestial event falls every year on March 20th or 21st. From an astral point of view, the Sun aligns with the Equator. As a result, the length of the day equals the length of the night.

For the North Hemisphere, this occurrence marks the beginning of the spring season. The sun will grace us with a little bit more light every day until the Summer Solstice.

The natural world will slowly awaken from a deep hibernal sleep. Temperatures will rise, inviting us to step out of our homes, out of our comfort zone.

If we zoom out of the scientific perspective, we might see the profound spiritual meaning of this experience.

Why do we celebrate the Spring Equinox?

As we observe the cycles of the Universe, there is so much for us to learn from the movement of it all. Mother Nature doesn’t force any of it. She follows her natural rhythm. She listens to her inner music. She thrives in community. Planets, plants, animals, elements — they all work together in perfect harmony.

The equinoxes represent not only balance between day and night, but between light and shadow. They remind us to lean into rest as much as we do into work.

The Spring Equinox especially is an invitation for rebirth. An opportunity to rise anew from a long collective sleep.

Ancient Spring Equinox celebrations

Ancient civilizations already knew the importance of celebrating such phenomena. Their deep understanding of nature allowed them to see beyond the visible world. A connection they used to reinforce through meaningful architectures, rituals, ceremonies, and parables.

Let us take you back in time!

Ancient Egyptians and the Spring Equinox

There is no coincidence in sacral architecture. Whether it is the place, the shape, the size or even the materials — every detail is always thought purposefully.

And even when some mystery remains, we can still experience the magic of the site.

If you happened to be in Cairo on the Spring Equinox, make sure to head for the Giza Plateau. From there, behold the sun setting on the Sphynx’s right shoulder.

There is no evidence of any ritual or ceremony linked to the part-man, part-lion statue. However, its strategical position proves the importance for Ancient Egyptians to honor this special event.

Maya and the Spring Equinox

Maya also mastered the arts of architecture and sacred geometry. From the South of Mexico to Nicaragua, they have gifted us with as many wonders as questions. To this day, we haven’t unraveled all the secrets of their numerous works of art.

Every year for the Spring Equinox, thousands of people travel to Chichen Itza. As the sun sets, a mysterious shadow in the shape of a serpent descends El Castillo Pyramid. As it makes its way down, the silhouette meets the mighty snake’s head, carved at the bottom of the stairs.

In a spectacular way, the Maya remind us of the principle of duality.

On a more practical side, the position of the pyramid in relation to the sun allows the Maya to keep track of time. The serpent’s entrance in March announces the imminent arrival of the wet season. Therefore, the sowing can begin.

Spring Equinox goddesses

In many ancient cultures around the globe, spring has been embodied by beautiful goddesses. Often celebrated at the equinox, theses feminine figures symbolize renewal, rebirth, and fertility.

Among others, we can name Persephone, the Greek goddess that comes back every spring from the underworld to fertilize the Earth.

So is the role of Freya, from the Norse mythology.

In Ghana, Asase Yaa — or Ashanti — bring back some new life and look after the crops.

All of them hold inspiration for us to reclaim our feminine power.

Spring and the Devine Feminine

Spring is commonly considered as the first of the four seasons. Because Spring is the origin. In spring nature is reborn. Seeds are planted. Flowers are blooming.

Spring has a divine feminine essence as it embodies fertility, creativity, and softness.

Let’s explore these 3 qualities together!

Spring and Fertility

As nature follows its natural rhythm, the outside world is starting to look more alive. Migratory birds are coming back. Animals are waking up. Insects are pollinating. Sap is rising in the trees.

Spring is a time of joy and vitality.

Sometimes nature needs a little help too. If you have a garden, prepare your soil, and start sowing.

And so should you take care of your inner garden. How do you feed your body? How do you nourish your soul? You can start fresh here.

Sowing the seeds of love sang the Tears For Fears… What seeds will you be cultivating this year? Pick them mindfully and make sure to water them every single day.

Spring and Creativity

As the most colorful landscapes reveal themselves before our eyes, may we be inspired.

If you already have a creative practice, how can you develop it? Can you find a new angle? Can you start a new project?

If you are looking for one, know that creativity can be expressed in many ways. Material and immaterial. You may draw, you may cook, you may knit. But you may also simply move. Consciously. Transition from the stillness of the winter to the lightness of spring. Explore every corner of your body. Find your flow.

Your creative energy comes from your most sacred space. Let it rise from your womb. Let it take shape and colors. Let it grow as a part of you. Let it become you.

Spring and Softness

Spring is the most delicate season. Think of a seedling, a bud, or a petal. Picture Bambi playing in this enchanting blooming meadow.

Lean into the fluffiness of this flower bed.

Soften your heart so you can receive a clear guidance on your next possible steps.

If a seed has the potential of a tree, it also needs time and care to complete its destiny. Nature never rushes and neither should you.

Spring reminds you to be gentle with yourself as you embark on this new cycle. Make sure to bring an extra dose of patience and self-love with you.

Spring Equinox rituals for the Feminine

We have created a safe space for women to celebrate the Spring Equinox together. A virtual circle to gather and heal in community. Join us on March 20th for a free, online summit!

We will share soulful rituals to experience in the comfort of your home.

If you wish to prepare for this enlighten transition, we wrote down a few ideas. How will you choose to walk into Spring?

Start a new daily ritual

Rituals have the power to transform your everyday life. You can choose from meditation, conscious movement, journaling, or any other self-discovery tool. Possibilities are infinite. Ask yourself what resonates with you the most. What would you like to invite into this new cycle?

Set a place and time already and commit to it. Maybe you’re an early bird. Maybe evenings work better for you. Make it easy. Make it irresistible so it gets you out of bed. So it lightens up your evenings.

Our Summit hostess Nada Mesqui will talk about her own practice. You might find some inspiration there!

Set an intention

What do you want to create? What do you want to embody? Who do you want to be?

This is your time to rise.

Set your intention clearly. Write it down. Say it out loud. Several times. Repeat it until you can feel it. Until you can be it. Sing it. Move with it. Move from it.

During our Virtual Spring Equinox Summit, you will get to experience several somatic practices such as conscious movement or voice medicine. These workshops will teach you how to explore and inhabit your body every step of the way.

Reconnect with your pleasure

There’s a wild woman in you waiting to be called upon. And Spring might be just the right time for her to rebirth.

Reconnecting with your own pleasure is a way to invite more sensuality, creativity, confidence, and presence into your life.

Sam Allen is one of our embodied summit speakers. She will introduce us to the healing powers of tantra. This ancient practice can awaken your divine feminine energy.

Make sure to plan some sacred me-time for this coming equinox.


If you want to experience the fullness of the Spring Equinox, join our Free, Virtual Summit and reclaim your Feminine!

We can’t wait to transition into this new Season with you.