10 Days To Embodied Self: reconnecting to your body made easy and fun! 



With daily 10 minute embodiment practices, 

you will hear the voice of your body again.


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A program for Everybody!

No matter your level of fitness, awareness or understanding of what embodiment is. You will:


Get the basic understanding of what embodiment feels and looks like



Receive embodied ways to quickly calm your nervous system so that you can feel more of your bodies sensations


Go through simple 10 minute practices that will get you out of your head and into your body, anytime & anywhere

Hello from the recovering



Hi, I'm Nada. 

After “successfully” balancing 2 small kids, a career, entrepreneurship, marriage and other hats, I realised I was completely burned out.

Coaching and therapy helped me articulate better what I was experiencing but they did not help me actually feel better. I knew intuitively that to “feel better” I needed to get back in touch with all that I am feeling and the only way to fully do that was through my body.

I became obsessed with the innate wisdom of our body and its ability to self heal.

This is why I founded Raindrop Movement, a healing embodiment practice.

10 days to Embodied Self is our first, fully on demand, online program for anyone who wants to connect and stay connected to their body's wisdom.

This is for me

How do I know this program is for me?  

I was not joking when I said this program is literally for everyone.  Specifically, this will be a great fit for you if any of the following statements are true:

You are a professional juggler

Your days fly by as you keep switching from one role to another, consistently forgetting to book some "you" time. You want to create space for your mind/body wellbeing but it needs to be efficient.

You spend most of your time living from the neck up

Living from the neck up keeps us deeply disconnected from our life force and intuitive energy that lives in our lower body. This is why burnout and chronic exhaustion have become the new normal.

You are starting to walk like your parents

No shade on our mamas & papas, but you know it's time to do something when you cannot walk uphill without supporting your lower back. Tension in your jaw, neck, shoulders and hips are just very common signs that is time to reconnect with your body.

What can you expect from a 

10 Days to Embodied Self


This is a great way to gently incorporate more mindfulness and awareness in your relationship with your body. It is a simple and efficient program for those who are completely new to conscious movement and embodiment.

After doing these practices for 10 days you will: 

Feel centered and grounded in your body

Be more aware of the subtle sensations through which your body is communicating

Possess a set of go-to exercises that will take you “out of your head” and into your body

To make sure we address your whole body, we’ll mix it up: different tools, different moves, a different pace with each video

Decrease tension and pain in your body

Experience more aliveness, joy, energy and pleasure

Total cost


This includes

  • Daily, 10 minute guided embodiment practices & teachings
  • Supported written content 
  • Easy self practice tools you can adapt and use in your own space and time
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Just 10 minutes a day can be enough to start feeling more connected and alive in your own body.



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Nadine Scotland

"Nada's embodiment exercises have significantly decreased my anxiety."

Federica Magni

"It's incredible how much better you can feel in only 10 minutes!"

Shelby Alexander

"Nada's classes have completely changed my relationship with my body."